Udaipur - The City of Lake | Udaipur Series

     Udaipur the city where I had been living for about one and a half years and trust me its an amazing place if you like exploring. It is justified to called Udaipur as the City of Lake because there are three bigger lakes you can find within the city radius they are: Fateh Sagar Lake, Pichola Lake, and Badi Lake. The other three which are outside the city they are Udai Sagar (which 28km from City Palace), Rajsamand Lake (which is 64km) and Jaisamand lake (which is 56km). Also, some of the lakes are man-made lakes. I happened to visit all lake except Rajsamand and Jaisamand Lake. Udaipur is also called the "Venice of the East" by the tourist coming from the west. 

So here I am Sharing some of the pictures of Udaipur which I happen to Capture while exploring.  

Udaipur - The City of Lake | Udaipur Series
Udaipur Railway Station
 A story should start with its name on a board.

Udaipur - The City of Lake | Udaipur Series
View of Fatehsagar Lake 

In the above photo, you can see the two big lakes they are Fateh Sagar and the other one at the back Pichola Lake. In the middle of the Fatehsagar lake, you can the Udaipur Solar Observatory followed by Nehru Garden. Nehru Garden is open for the public you can visit the place by riding on the boat. At the back, you see many hills these are the Aravalli hill range. Udaipur is surrounded by Aravalli hills.

Udaipur - The City of Lake | Udaipur Series
Monsoon Palace / Sajjangarh
Located at the top of the mountain these place is known by two named  Monsoon Palace and Sajjangarh. You can enjoy seeing a sunset and top view of the city

Udaipur - The City of Lake | Udaipur Series
Badi Lake view from Hills
Try searching Badi lake or Bahubali hill in google map when you are in Udaipur. I am sure when you see the photos even you also couldn't resist yourself from visiting these place. You will say thank you to me after seeing the photos.

Udaipur - The City of Lake | Udaipur Series
Residential and Aravali hill range view from top.
This photo I took while visiting on of the temple which is located on the top of the hills from there view was amazing and you can have a sky view of whole city.

So apart from Lakes below are the other places that you can explore when you are in Udaipur City.

  •  City Palace (Where you will know more about the Mewar Kingdom and its History)
  •  Jagdish Mandir A.K.A Jagdish Temple (You will be amazed to see the temple carving.)
  •  Saheliyon Ki Bari (photogenic, basically a garden where you can see lotus in a pond, stone elephant statue, fountain and many more)
  •  Bagore ki Haveli ( near Pichola lake at Gangori Ghat where you can see Mewari culture and during evening time there is some music and dance shows)  
  •  Gulab Bag and Vintage Car Museum (they both are near opposite to each other. At Vintage Care Museum you can see a variety of classic and vintage care which are rarely found.)
  •  Monsoon Palace (also called Sajjangarh and near to it there is a biological park where zoo animals are kept)
  •  Maharana Pratap Museum.

If you don't have a drone but still you wanted to capture the city view from top then I would suggest you do visit below places.
  •  Neemach Mata Temple (near Fateh Sagar)
  •  Karni Mata Temple ( near Dudh Talai, Pichola Lake)
  •  Monsoon Palace / Sajjangarh.

Let me know in the comment section if you had visited Udaipur.  I don't want to make this post lengthy and show the beauty of the city in one glance itself. Till then Stay tune will upload more photos of Udaipur Series in the coming post.

All photos are taken using mobile Moto G5s Plus.

If you interested to see more photos click on the below link.

Take Me Home.

Photoblog 01

always wear seatbelt before driving
View from the driver back seat

Happen to captured this view while on my way back to home via Mumbai-Pune expressway using Nokia 7.1 mobile. The Journey on Mumbai-Pune expressway is so beautiful during cloudy days. Its feel like seat back turn on the music and enjoy the scenic beauty with the ride. 


     Chittorgarh once was recognized as "Capital Of Mewar Kingdom". Now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I happened to visit Chittorgarh when I was living in Udaipur and got a chance to visit a few historical sites. Below are the few pictures that I took during my visit. I hope you all like it.

Ram Pole, Chittorgarh
Ram Pol, Chittorgrah.
When you start your journey from the city toward the fort you will come across seven different Gates.
They are Padan Pol, Bhairan Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol, Jorla Pol, Laxman Pol, and Ram Pol.
In the local language, Gate is called Pol.

Vijay Stambha, Chittorgarh
Vijay Stambha, Chittorgarh.
Vijay Stambha also called The Tower of Victory. It is a symbol of Chittorgarh. By picture you can make out it is a nine-floor structure. Inside the structure, you can find many gods idol.

Garden Near Vijay Stambha, Chittorgarh
Garden Near Vijay Stambha, Chittorgarh.
A many year old tree at the graden near Vijay Stambha.

Vijay Stambha, Chittorgarh Fort
Different angle view of Vijay Stambha.

Gaumukh Reservoir, Chittorgarh Fort
Gaumukh Reservoir, Chittorgarh.
Here you can see water continuously flowing the structure shaped like the mouth of a cow. Many people  believe it as a holy site.

View of City from Fort
View of City from Fort
You can have a great view of the city near Gaumukh Reservoir.

City View, Chittorgarh Fort.
People Enjoying the top view of the city.

Ruin Structure, Chittorgarh Fort
Ruin Structure at Chttorgarh.
You can find many ruin structures while exploring the fort.

Ruin Structure, Chittorgarh Fort
Another Ruin Structure came across while exploring fort.

Beautiful Structure
People coming  after visiting the temple on other side.

Pol siting area
Another structure near small pond.

Kalika Mata Temple, Chittorgarh
Kalika Mata Temple, Chittorgarh.

Padmini Palace, Chittorgarh
View of Rani Padmini Palace, Chittorgarh.

Padmini Palace
One has to take boat from here to reach to Rani Padmini Palace.

Rani Padmini Palace, Chittorgarh
Rani Padmini Palace, Chittorgarh.

To know more about Chittorgarh History click here.

All photos taken through my mobile Redmi Note 3 and then processed in Lightroom.

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